Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Counting Down!

Buenos días a todos, y bienvenido a mi Blog!

Let the countdown begin. I leave for a semester studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain (or "Seville" as my yanqui family likes to say) on January 16-seventeen days. Sevilla is located in the southwest of Spain, in a region called Andalusia, or Andalucía.

I cannot wait to start this adventure and I hope you'll join me and share it with me here.
I'm going to have to be honest-as any good Catholic child should-and so I won't promise a blog update every day or even every other day. But I can promise that every blog will blow your mind.

Just teasing. I hope to include a picture and some snippets of my life in Sevilla.

As of right now I don't know exactly what to expect. I'm a little nervous about making friends-this whole language thing has got me sweating (I'm not even funny in English-how am I supposed to make a joke in Spanish?!), but I'm more excited than nervous. I'm ready to push my limits and discover.

My To Do List:
Pre-Departure...Pack. Pack. Pack. Unpack for space's sake. Pack some more.

Spain! :
1. Meet my host mom, and hopefully host siblings. Bring them American gift, hmm...
2. Go to class, make friends, learn lots!
3. Explore the city and the many ferias it offers-travel to Jerez for the feria del caballo (parade/festivities celebrating the horse)
4. Visit Europe; Lisbon, Portugual to put my Portuguese to practice and Germany to get to know my heritage. Expect pictures galore.
Please list any suggestions of great places to visit in the comment space below.
5. Ride a Spanish horse-it originated here!
6. Blog every once in awhile to keep you all updated!
7. Keep an open schedule for some spontaneity. Afterthought-love how I have to plan for spontaneity.

I'll probably write up one more hectic post before I leave to figure out how to post pictures. Talk to you all soon-and I better see you sooner, or it'll be six months before we hug again! hahaha Adios!