Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Después de seis días con un virus del diablo, por fin me encuentro bien! A la ** con la dieta blanda blanda y la necesidad de dormir quince horas por día y correr al baño cada hora. Me siento bien, me siento bien, me siento bien!!

(After six days with a virus from hell, I finally feel better. To hell with the bland diet and the need to sleep fifteen hours a day and run to the bathroom every hour. I feel good x3!)

I was out with a violent virus since Thursday. But I tested it today when I went for a run. Got in 8km and didn't get sick or feel pooped. Finally I can go out and enjoy the sunshine/sit in my room and update my blog...

...Well I started writing this a few days ago--Wednesday, today's Saturday--but as soon as I wrote that last sentence I closed my laptop and went to the river. So we'll continue here like nothing happened.

Regarding the sign above, I snapped the photo while sitting on the pot in my program's school. Here's a quick glimpse into the intricate abyss that makes up my mind: If there is one word that any person in a foreign country should know, what word is that? I believe that word would be the word for the life source, ie. water: Agua = water. Anyone who knows Spanish, and most people that don't, know that agua means water. Out of all the words on that sign, if I were to translate one word to make it more comprehensible, that word would not be agua water.

By the way, the sign reads, "Forbidden to throw toilet paper down the toilet". Yes, many pipes here are so old you have to throw toilet paper in a waste basket. No, it's not as bad as it sounds.

So lately it's been in the 80s every day here. "Why did I sign up for this?" I wonder aloud. Oh, and believe me, the Spaniards have no shame in reminding me that this is glorious weather, simply glorious. I clearly do not know what real calor is. I sleep scantily clothed and it's only April 2.

God, where did March go?! It's already April 2nd. For those of you who know me personally or have been victim to my previous April Fools endeavors, you will be delighted/outraged/thoroughly surprised that I went all day yesterday without even realizing that it was April 1st. All day until Javier reminded me that it was April. I didn't get to play any jokes! Not that it would make sense here, or that I could get away with it being such an adult and all. They do have a similar day, December 28 I think, but I won't be here for it. Now I'll have to spend an entire year planning next year's jokes seeing as it'll have to be twice as clever.

Travel updates:


Currently working on a post for each. The trips were so special they each get their own space.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Londres = London.
~English, what a foreign language.

Hello my loves!

Well we have got plenty of catching up to do, don't we? I have had a rockin past few days! [-now much longer as I never finished writing this post...]

Friday, March 11 2011:
Turned twenty-one years old.

Therefore, Thursday night I took off to see my best friend/soul mate, Megan Dale Marie Dodson. Upon arriving at the Stansted airport in London-ish (it's an hour out of the city), I realized that my Spanish cell phone does not function outside of Spain. So while I was waiting in line in Customs for hours, all I could do was pray that Megan had stuck around to pick me up.

My prayers were answered!! I cross through the glass doors and there she was waiting for me, adorable fake glasses, smile, and sign that read, "Michelle Cook" with hearts on it. I jumped into her arms/she jumped into mine. We almost cried but then pulled ourselves together. We're dignified cosmopolitan women now, and such shows are certainly not allowed. In public, at least.

We took the bus from Stansted to London and checked into our hotel for the night. A little scary at 4am, won't lie. A Russian greeted us at the front desk with sarcasm: "Nice time to check in". But with his accent it sounded more like this: "I vill kill you as you sleep tonight". Checked in, moved into our bedroom. Gigantic bed. Huge. Humungous.

Fast forward to Friday. Walk all around London visiting famous touristy sites. Included Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, taking the Tube, Big Ben, Westminster Alley or whatever that place is called, Parliament. Basically we were everywhere. Came home, took an excellent three hour nap and then ate pub food for dinner. Got ready with Megan, played some songs off of Alex's Overplayed List (freshman year going out music, hell yeah), and then went to a few clubs. Rode home on the top floor of a double decker bus. Listened to American girls play out the stereotype that gives the rest of us a bad rep. Meg and I enjoyed blatantly making fun of them. Stupid girls. But Fun birthday!!

Saturday was more of a typical Megan/Michelle day. We walked over to Hyde Park (I think that's the name) and strolled there for hours. Finally found a nice bench, sat down, and talked. This is our life together. I swear we're an old married couple. Later we walked to Oxford Street and did a little damage on the old monetary funds. So many people. We quickly spent our people tolerance. That's what I love about us. We have the same very low tolerance for people. Sorry, I like my space. Bought two adorable dresses though. Returned home. Napped again, score! After deciding to stay in, we tuned into Jurassic Park (in English!!!) and shocking London television programs and she made me spaghetti. Loved it.

Sunday was pretty much was a travel day. But included some amazing french sandwich thingy at the train station to get from London to Stansted Airport. Also listened to Gallego-a mix of Spanish/Portuguese. Interesting fo sho fo sho. Oh and also, got to have a giant Starbucks coffee every morning without breaking bank. TRY THE GREEK YOGURT THERE
Greek yogurt + honey + granola = It will change your life.

Awesome weekend with my best friend :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9

Hello everyone,

Had a little trouble updating my blog earlier. If you haven't noticed, I finally posted a blog of funny translations. It's titled 'Miércoles = X' and for some reason is in the February archive. Hope you all enjoy it-I crack myself up learning them. Language bloopers are also pretty funny, but 9 out of 10 times too inappropriate for the majority of my audiences.

Had a super duper fun lesson today. I've consistently been jumping in my riding lessons. Dressage, good luck keeping me away from eventing any longer. I love jumping, and I miss cross country. Now to find a barn, a horse, a trainer (for eventing), and time in Chicago... haha Time. Why are you always the hardest one to find?

Good night everyone, got to get packing..London with my bestie for the big 2-1 celebrations!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

tidbity update

Kicked my butt out of the funk with a healthy dose of sunbathing in the city, ear-deafening music and a long phone call. Plus lots of bread products. Hopefully my tenis are dry in the morning! Dinner in an hour and a half then hopefully a walk with my friend Hannah :) This is another pic from my weekend in Ronquillo.

Listening to Diane Birch

Been in a funk lately. Strange weekend, the only word that comes to mind is "raro". Still feeling out of it. Can't quite explain how I feel. Ni en inglés ni en español. No estoy yo. Feel like I'm outside my body. Like a said, a bit of a funk.

I feel a little inside out. Slightly emotionless. I could really use a week off, a week alone next to a lake in the mountains with a horse to keep my company.

Wish I could go for a run. My tennis shoes are in the wash-stinky after hiking yesterday. Estaba chispeando todo el día ayer.

Going to London to visit my friend Megan who is studying there. What better way to spend your birthday than with your best friend in a new city? I'll be there Thursday through Sunday.

Mom comes the weekend after that! We'll be spending the weekend in Lisboa, Portugal.

A Spanish man asked me this morning if I was from Sevilla. He was a tourist, and even though the answer was obvious, the question was flattering. Gave him directions in Spanish and he went on his touristy way.

El Ronquillo, where I spent the weekend: