Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A change in attitude

So coming back to Spain made me want to cry. Being in Germany really made me realize how much I "hated" Spain (I'm writing this two weeks after coming home). Here's a glimpse of my first morning back in Sevilla.
*Step in doggie doodoo because it's in the middle of the street.
*Go to Día Maxi, the grocery store to pick up greek yogurt. As I'm looking at my selections, a woman rams her cart into me and stares, waiting for me to apologize for being in her cart's way. I just look at her and look away. She turns her cart mumbling under her breath. How unbearable to think of going around someone in an aisle instead of through them.
*Later in line, a woman, instead of asking me to move because we're all in 12 person lines waiting to check out, literally grabs my shoulders and moves me. Perdona?!
*General gawking ensues throughout the day.

So I continue for a week hating Spain and cursing the plane for taking me back here. I'm stressing out about final projects and final travel plans. I kept making a mental tally of all the ways Germany is better than Spain. Instead of sharing that with you, I'm going to tell you I kicked my attitude in the butt. How childish and selfish of me to spend my time abroad unhappy and cursing. Granted there are some rightful things to be cursing, but I only had three weeks left in Spain. I made a vow to myself not to obsess over the things I disliked, but to enjoy the things I did and try to be as Spanish as possible. And I've done a pretty good job! And I am really enjoying myself more!!

Thursday night: Go to my first bullfight and then out to the bars with friends
Friday: Crap I forget, but it was something Spanish! I didn't go out that night though.
Saturday: Revisit the Flamenco museum, make friends with the tourguide Joaquin. Hang out with Christie in town, go to the Carbonería bar at night where there are free flamenco espectáculos. Very cool. Meet some funny Irish guys, including the crying gay guy who was making fun of Americans.
Sunday: Try to go to bullfight with Manoli but it's cancelled due to rain
Monday: Out and about on the town
Tuesday: Ride!! Metro is packed with people dressed up for Feria-so cool!
Wednesay: dress rehearsal for tomorrow, looks great. Shopping both in the morning and at night
Thursday (tomorrow): PASEO CON LOS CABALLOS EN LA FERIA!!!!!!!

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  1. Enjoy the rest of your time in Spain :) Can't wait to have you stateside again!