Sunday, May 1, 2011

Germany, day 5

Hi guys! I'm sorry but I will no longer be uploading pictures onto here. It takes too long and it's irritating so I never finish posts.

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Woke up bright and early for the Sound of Music Tour!!! Yahoo! Just me on this one—I’m the only fanatic lol. It was awesome. Travelling solo is a great way to make friends! I made friends with two girls studying abroad and traveling for two weeks; I also met a girl from Brazil traveling with her parents—we spoke in a mix of Spanish and Portuguese.

On the tour we visited tons of sites from the movie: we saw both palaces, the first one which played the back. We drove past the abbey and a fort thing they used in the movie. The other palace had a private drive, but I snapped a photo of the front. We saw the gazebo (recreated/moved) where the two love scenes were.

We saw a lot of places. Drove out to the Mountains and Lakes District and settled in the town of Moondsee. Absolutely picturesque! The church from the movie was there and prepping for Easter. It had pink arches and dark wood framed paintings—no description of mine can do it justice. The whole tour was awesome. We sang all of the songs from the movie on the bus; I got a little emotional on the last song—Edelweiss—reminds me of my daddy.

After I walked through the Maribel Gardens, where the children ran and skipped on their day off.

Returned to the hotel and waited a few hours for my roomies to get back from their morning. My foot was still bothering me and I had a lot of homework so I called the afternoon off and did work on my computer. I got some stuff done and took an hour nap.

It was a gorgeous day, so after my nap I strapped on my running shoes and went for a run. I even ran across the footbridge the Von Trapp children ran across in the movie! It was an excellent decision to go for a run until it was an awful decision to go for a run. My arch pretty much snapped. Limp home; however, it was limping along Salzburg’s beautiful scenery at sunset—so it wasn’t so bad.

I met up with my roommates again at the hotel. Showered and got ready for a night out on the town. We went to a Bavarian restaurant for dinner; nobody ate much, but my soup was great. Afterwards we walked into the old district; all the bars were along the river. Not a huge selection. My two favorites were a karaoke bar—the place was absolutely pack and the whole bar was singing along to the singer with the mike. My roommates weren’t too happy there so we moved on. Eventually we settled on an Irish pub. How is it that in every city in Europe, the bar that the locals recommend is the Irish pub? Haha, well it was a good recommendation. Live acoustic music, wooden walls, and chill people. Perfect atmosphere. We met a few characters: the Bosnian excited to find people who spoke English, the German who liked caressing faces and told Kelsey that the peeing was international, and the creepy German with glasses, a mustache, and a leather jacket who didn’t say much but would stand next to you and stare. Hahaha but we all had a great time and danced to the music.

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