Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time is curious

Time is a strange thing.

I could really elaborate on this one, but I'll refrain.

Albert Einstein said "The only reason for time is to keep everything from happening at once." Well that's false Mr. MCsquared. Because it's Tuesday of my last week in Spain and everything is happening at once and time is not playing fair. Packing, studying for finals after essentially 3 weeks of break, trying to squeeze in time to say bye to friends, and Manoli's daughter going into labor (first grandbaby-yay!). This week needs to halt and let us check up!!

Reality check:
Just packed my luggage for my weeklong stay in Wales (I leave Saturday).
One suitcase is packed for Chicago already.
I'm planning out my wardrobe for my last four days in Sevilla. Have to pack the rest.

Didn't I just unpack this all? I know Bailey was just giving me a hug on the floor while Mom and Dad sorted through my mess.

Did I really just live abroad for 5 months? It couldn't have been that long.. 6 weeks, maybe.

Time, you are a curious creature.

My bud Ben Franklin said, "You may delay, but time will not."
Shoot. Procrastination, move aside; final in my poetry class begins in seven and a half hours and I should probably study. Bleh.

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