Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Germany, Day 6

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Wake up bright and early to grab a coffee and head out into the mountains. Today was going to be our big hike. Bad timing with last night’s unsuccessful run, but I wrapped it up, took some Advil, and went with everyone. After some “discussion” about where we would hike, we finally settled on a trail that went up a valley. It was more or less flat until after two hours into it. Then it went up pretty quickly. My foot was pretty bad. We stopped at a waterfall and drank the mountain water (it’s so freaking clear here!) and I iced my foot--in a mountain stream-how cool! (haha literally) Refreshed, we kept on moving for another hour or so. I called break and we stopped and had lunch on a grassy hill top looking down into the valley. I enjoyed some super seedy bread and a quarter watermelon. Y.U.M.

Knowing I had to walk all the way back, I said I was done but that I’d meet them back by the car/lake. Kelsey came with me, and Ryan and Christie took off up the mountain. While Kelsey and I walked back, Christie and Ryan apparently summated (sp?) a mountain. These are not small mountains. Ryan had to go through deep snow (in shorts and a tee) and rockclimb up the last bit. I think it made his trip! Kelsey and I enjoyed the break time. We sat by the lake and got in some girl talk while we duck watched—this was a hilarious group of ducks.

Afterwards we drove home, stopping in at an authentic Italian restaurante for probably some of the best pizza ever. Of course I got Hawaiian and loved it. Woodburn stove.

Drove home and everyone passed out early.

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