Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Observations from Abroa-HOMEEE

So I haven't been home 24 hours yet, but here are my thoughts upon arrival:

  1. The toilet paper here is so soft.
  2. I love my family.
  3. I love my dogs.
  5. A banana actually tastes better without peanut butter-what?! Has my obsession vanished?
  6. We have the best showers. Long heat (I wasn't even at max heat!) and lots of water pressure.
  7. Back to civilization-no more bushy brows. I am so clean and waxed.
  8. The English language is so easy. Never take for granted your ability to express yourself.
Among my other activities, I have played Clocks on the piano, taken the dogs for a walk, went barefoot outside, cooked apple chips, and made doctors appointments. Possibly off to the bars for my first bar experience in the States!

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